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About Me

Colours, shapes, natural beauty of landscapes, wilderness, fashions always attract me from my childhood. But, I never thought I would love to frame them with my camera. Even 10 years ago when I purchased my first DSLR camera; I did not think about its professional using. Occasionally when I use to out and about; I took it with me to frame some general pictures. I never used it in RAW format, as I even did not know about Shutter speed, ISO, and Aperture! I had no sense of compositions, dynamic rage, DOF! However, I had minimum knowledge of focus and focusing area. Maybe in 2015, the terminology; ‘Metering Mode’ of a camera attract me, I was watching YouTube and this term came from an add, I believe. It is my childhood character; never afraid to deep down to know about new knowledge. I started studying about Metering Mode of a camera. From there all sorts of other terms came related to camera functions. YouTube, books, online vlogs; lots of sources helped me to find out all definitions, how they work. One day, I took my crop-sensor camera with a kit lens and was trying to take a portrait of my older son. I was failing to captured blurry background ☹! Time to research to figure out why it was? Purchased a 50mm prime lens with f1.8. Still, I was not able to get constant blurry background! Dived down again to figure out the science of DOF. Since then, everyday I am learning. Most importantly, I never felt exhausted when I study about Photography and when I have a camera in my hand. I love to research on impact of lighting on photography. Still learning and it will continue until my last breath.

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